Get Yourself a Job in North Dakota.

You can get a job in North Dakota and make $15 an hour making  tacos. In a small town in North Dakota close to the Canadian border hundreds of people, maybe thousands,really are  moving in to get jobs. And getting them. If you  can walk and want to work, you qualify! If you can’t talk, try anyway. Or even if you don’t walk.

This story has been reported by CNN and appears to be legitimate.  The big oil companies have found there is a huge oil reserves in North Dakota and they are bringing in as many people as they can to exploit this new source of domestic crude oil.
If you are interested, just do a search on the Internet to for jobs in North Dakota. Here are just a few links I found this morning on Bibg.

No joke here. The  links are serious.  And there are many more links like that.

By the way, it’s very cold in North Dakota so bring your flannel underwear.

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