Old software for Old Computers.

If you have an old computer, don’t waste your money to install¬† software on it.¬† Just format the hard drive and install the original system. That is the best choice. But there is a catch. You will need some expert help.

Microsoft not longer supports Windows 2000 and support for Windows XP will soon end. Finding all the updates can be a major chore if you decide to install either of these on an older computer. You need to knew about HFSLIP. What is it? Read this:
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HFSLIP was an open source Hotfix and Service Pack slipstreaming utility designed to update Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003 installation sources. HFSLIP could be considered a command line interface version…
For hotfixes that were non-standard or required a special installation procedure, HFSLIP integrated these instead, placing them as they were in the SVCPACK folder, to be installed automatically near the end of Windows setup.


More references can be found on the link posted above.

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