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Why Hard Disk Drives Fail. Part 3.

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Just now n Western Digital has announced that they will cut their warranty in half..

So hare hard drives now failing faster that before? It wound seem that way. Once I worked in Hard Drive Research a long time ago. Back then the objective was to make the media as perfect as possible. Apparently that goal has been abandoned.

The third reason why hard drives fail is this. The makers of hard drives are converting the business into a commodity.  They continue to make money only if the usesr want or need more new merchandise.

Seagate has also cut the warrenty. Se for yourself. Check out the link below.

Seagate Cuts Warranties of More HDDs than WD

Vacation Dialup Internet for $6 per year.

You are going on a vacation and you want dial-up Internet so you can check you e-mail in a small town that does not have Broadband Internet available . You find that your current provider at home wants to tack on extra changes so you can get Dial-up when you travel. On the other hand,  if you are a traveling salesman, you would already have a solution. But if you are not a frequent flyer, you want something that has a price tag the represents you modest needs while on a two-week vacation with your family.

Solution: Buy a nationwide Internet account for just $6 per year.  It comes with about one hour and a half for time. That is enough time to check your e-mail once a day while on your vacation.  They have toll-free numbers for most US locations.

You can find two or three of these out there. One is called Budget Dial-up and the web site is:

True, you could get AOL or JUNO, but those are monthly contracts.  What you want on your vacation is a bare-bones service that gets you pinto the Internet at the lowest cost. Even if you are in a very remote location away from the big city. Check it out.

Keywords: Vacation Internet,   Cheap Dial-Up, Tool-free Access, Prepaid Internet.

Safe Nuclear power is coming soon.

Let’s talk about nuclear power.  We all know that uranium is mined from the earth  and  used to make either nuclear power plants or military weapons, such as nuclear bombs.
In the periodic table uranium is at the high end with a number of  U-238 is the desirable form of uranium.  At in the other end of the table we find light elements of hydrogen, helium and lithium. They also can be used to make powerful weapons, with the help of uranium.

Now let’s talk about something you may not have heard about.  Among the elements there is one called Thorium

On the periodic table of elements Thorium is na single isotopic form ,  Th-232 ,and has  the remarkable property of also being able to produce nuclear power yet without the risk of explosion.  And not only that, the by products of Thorium are much safer than the byproducts of uranium.

So is this a new discovery?  Not at all.  The research on Thorium was done along, long time ago.  As to why Thorium was never widely used for peaceful nuclear power, you judge that for yourself.

For more information just go to your favorite search engine such as Yahoo or Google and enter  the keywords ‘power from Thorium.’

Comments? Guess why I capitalized Thorium.

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“Peace on earth, goodwill to men” – What does it mean?

While searching this idea,  I found  the following post:
“Peace on earth, goodwill to men”? The Latin has it, `et in terra pax hominibus, bonae voluntatis”. Note the Latin genetive case in the words `bonae voltuntatis’.
The phrase properly rendered is,
“Peace on earth to men of good will”.

That makes sense. The news was not given to a crowd in the village, but to a group of humble men watching over sheep. It was not an unconditional promise of peace for everybody.
The point here is that peace is not available to those that do not want it. Here we are over 2000 years later and there remain so many who hate peace. Hopefully, that will change soon.

For more information, just search the phrase “peace on earth good will toward men” and find many interesting articles.


Should you try Linux again?

A few years ago there was an effort to draw computer users away from the Windows Desktop software. The alternative would be to use a new free software called Linux. The movement did well in getting the support of both individuals, like myself, and even some big companies. Linux did probe itself to be good software for some kinds of work. But it did not make the owner of Windows , Microsoft Corporation, lose a lot money.

Eve now they are many who think Wine, a software tool, no the tasty liquid,  will merge Microsoft Windows 7 and Linux together. It will not happen. A waste of time. It was tried before and did not work well. There were both technical and legal reasons.  Those reasons still exist. Let me illustrate.

Suppose somebody wanted to adapt old Ford automobiles to use Honda engines. It may be possible with a lot of hard work. But a simple do-it-yourself kit is never going to appear on the market. And if it even stated to become a reality – Honda would not want to sell its engines without selling the rest of the automobile. It is a simple as that..

Any comments?

Why stop online piracy

Last week we posted some information about the basic rules of copyright. Having copyright law helps both individuals and commercial organizations.  And it goes beyond that, it also protects the higher quality of life in other areas.
But what about on line piracy? What does it mean when they saying we should stop online piracy?  This really goes beyond using copyright laws.  It is a new attempt to prevent intentional or even accidental violation of copyright law over the Internet.
You know about  Netflix and YouTube. The Netflix plays online movies for a modest fee paid once a month for as many movies and who wish to watch.  On the other hand, the YouTube web site offers all wide variety of videos for free.  Most are very short.  Some of these are possibly violation of copyright law. But Netflix has a contract with the movie producers to show movies online with their permission.
The issue is about  web sites that show videos or even full  movies without the permission of the authors of such material.  If there is sufficient evidence that any web site is allowing this to happen, authorities would have the power to turn off the web site to prevent any more copyright violations.
But wait, here’s the devil in the details, shutting off a web site because of a number of copyright violations would also shut down all the legitimate material available on that side.  And you can imagine, this has become a very controversial issue.
To learn more about this very hot topic you can enter some of these keywords into your favorite search engine, such as Yahoo or Bing. The principal keywords are “stop online piracy“, or the letters SOPA,  an abbreviation for the legislation now in the United States Congress.