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AT&T must pay iPhone user $850 for data ‘throttling’

This is a true story. AT&T admits they cut back the internet speed of one of its customers . He went over his limit. He had a unlimited plan.

To make the the story short, a Judge in small claims court says customer was right, the big phone company was wrong. So they must pay him $850. In effect, that means he gets out of his contract with them.

Sound strange? Read the story. Click on Link below

Judge awards $80 to iPhone user for slow internet speed.

A cell phone become a personal computer?

When does the cell phone become a personal computer?
If you asked this questioned last year and, or maybe the year before, who makes sense.  But this year, 2012, people are asking the question.  What is the difference between a smart cell phone and a small personal computer?
There is an interesting article about this on the Web site operated by Time magazine.  The article was written by Harry McCracken, who has over 20 years experience as a technical writer.
McCracken takes a position that now the term a personal computer must include cell phones and other devices that people use for doing the same things they would have time on a personal computer.
Retail sales reports indicate that more people are buying smart homes and fewer people are going out and buying new computers. The seeds to his conclusion that people now considered a good smart phone to be impractical replacement for a personal computer.
Here is a link to the Web site with the article by here McCracken.

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