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How to get free Cloud and FTP Web space.

How to get free Cloud  and FTP Web space.

There is a new web site that has a list of free Cloud service web sites. But first, consider a brief explanation of what Cloud space means. On the Internet that term Cloud  means of way of having access to your materials even when your computer is turned off.  Some of your files and even programs can be stored on a remote server and protected by your password.  This is not a new idea, what is new is making it available for the greater number of people.  Here’s a link to the web site I just mentioned.
Be aware that he has not verified the quality of these different web sites; here are my personal recommendations.
First, there is cloud service available from Amazon.  For more information go to this link.

Here’s a newcomer that does not appear to be associated with a large organization.  What they have to offer looks very interesting.
One thing she needed the aware of, he never want to make any of these services available to everyone.  It has to be password protected and you give the password only to people you trust.
Now someone might say you can do some of  this kind of thing on Face Book. well, he did hear about how face book lost a whole bunch of passwords?
If only one into his just their photos, you can use photo bucket for its sharing service and its free.

Many users like to use a FTP servers instead of a browser based photo sharing or file sharing service.  The FTP servers can be very secure and you can get free software for doing FTP work on your personal computer.

Why our next smart phone will be in Android.

If we were talking about robots that term Android my concrete to mind the character on the TV program Star Trek. But in this case, the term “Android “refers to a new software system for smart phones Tablet and laptop computers.
It’s very likely the next smart phone you purchase will be based on the Android operating system.  This new operating system is now part of the google collection of software.  Actually, somebody else started it;  Google purchased IT. Google is doing everything it can to promote this as the single operating system for both tablet PCs and smart phoneS. A large number of smart phones now have the Android 2.2 operating system.  There is a strong effort now to update new ore smart phones with the Android 4 operating system.  The code name for this system is called “ice cream sandwich “.
Sounds like a silly name, but it has a very serious impact on the mobile device industry.  Anything that communicates, stores data, and is portable could be a possible candidate for the Android 4.0 operating system.
Of course, the Apple I- phone release started at all.  Before Apple, phones for just phones and hardly anything else.  However, Apple wants to keep the software to themselves.  They can make more money that way by having the exclusive operating system and exclusive hardware.  Now if you can afford an apple I phone, go for it.  It is an excellent choice.  But if you’d like to have more flexibility at lower-cost, you’re going to have to do what others to. Get an Android smart phone.
And don’t imagine that the Android operating system is only for mobile devices.  Work is underway to refine the Android system so it will work on the personal computer.  This means that by the time Microsoft says Windows 8 available, the Android operating system will be good enough to run a desktop computer.  Really, in fact, there are some versions of Android that right now will work on some desktop systems.  It is just a matter of time before hardware drivers are found were created for the majority of desktop computers.
So is the Android OS as good as Windows 7? Of course not. But on a tablet or smart phone yo0u would not want Windows 7 either. To big. To costly. Short battery life.

By the way; Smartphones don’t use Intel CPUs.  Instead they use power efficient designs made elsewhere. The name of the company is ARM and is a public traded stock. Here is their web site link: