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An Intel and Microsoft Evolution.

See update an end of page. Today’s post is is about an article I just read.  The article was published about a week ago, but it’s not in the news.  Instead, it’s sort of the rehash of some ideas that Microsoft has been throwing around.  This time Intel is joined in and the plan is supposed to be a secret.  Intel claims this is going to be revolutionary.
However, the article I read states that this new secret idea is more of an evolutionary development and then revolutionary.  The author is right. It may be called an evolutionary development.
In some cases the term evolution is used for mathematical and mechanical things.  Seldom form the growth of the late products industry.  More often form explaining biology in and social development.  The term evolution is widely used for some process that is believed to be an improvement yet was not actually designed by anyone.  That is the idea often used in biology.  And it includes the concept of many failures before a few successful results.
See that way, the new strategy by Intel and Microsoft does not show any evidence of being an intelligent design.  Instead, it may be r a possible natural evolution with a big chance of failure.
This note natural development is called the Ultra book.  Whether or not the name states remains to be seen.  It is supposed to be an assigned by Intel and will carry the Windows 8 operating system.  Here’s a picture of what the Windows 8 operating system but look like on the tablet computer


The above picture does not hold much promise that anything really new.  In fact, it is further drab.  The style is called Metro.  Makes you think of a subway and maybe a machine and a subway that snowshoe tokens.  Now does that sound exciting and new to you?
If the Intel and Microsoft failed to hold a soft it will be a big embarrassment for both of them.  More and more people are turning away from conventional personal computers.  Even the sale of laptop computers has dropped quite a bit.  Nowadays people want phones that can also be used as browsers for Web surfing.  Nobody needs to new operating system for that.  There are ready are a number of operating system set were quite well with when browsers.  And that is not just my opinion, it’s a fact.

Update: Ultra books are now in some stores. Intel has spent big money advertising the new personal gadgets. See the story by clicking on the title below.
Intel throws more money at Ultrabooks