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Where can you get the best job?

For many years anything having due to with computers, technology and communications was considered to be the best place to work. That is not true. For one thing, best does not mean gaining the best paycheck. There are many other important issues, such as health-care benefits, retirement and on the job training.
Recently Computerworld made a report about the best places to work for people interested in computers, technology and communications. In general, is called information technology, or IT for short.
Unless you have exceptional skills in technology, you’re better off looking for work in other areas. The biggest need right now is in health-care, but not necessarily for doctors and nurses. There is a great need for people who have skills in physical therapy. Of course, if you have skills in business management, you can find a job out there, even if your computer skills are not so great.
Another kind of work that is in demand is any kind of truck or delivery van driver. In some areas gaining a license to drive a small van is rather easy, if you have a good driving record. The pay is good and the demand is high. So if you are a good driver you already have an important skill.
But let’s get back to computer skills. What about computer programming? Well, if you really are good at computer programming, there are jobs waiting for you. But you can also get a job at a fast food restaurant making hamburgers. Making hamburgers and serving them may take less skill than computer programming. Demand is about the same. So if your computer skills are poor, look for work at your local Taco Bell or McDonald’s.
But if you still interested, here is a brief summary of the best places to work in information technology. You might be surprised at some of the places Computerworld considers to be good places to work.
Here is a brief summary of some of some companies you already know about.
General Mills Inc..
Quentin loans Inc.
Verrizon Wireless.
Prudential financial Inc.
Qualcom Inc.
Miami Children’s Hospital
Sacramento municipal utility
University of Pennsylvania
Cancer treatment centers of America
Caesar’s entertainment
The above is not the complete list nor is it in a particular order. If you want to see the whole thing go to the Computerworld web site and look for the June 18th issue. A lot of information.
Now about that last item,USAA. Have you ever heard of them? I had no idea of who this is until I read the Computerworld article. They say USAA is the number one place to work if you are into computer technology.
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Why White Space is the new Rural Internet

This is a follow up to my May 30 post.

I am doing more research non this topic.  Here are some points. First, fiver optic is very expensive to bring to a small remote town not on a major road or highway. Second, commercial Microwave equipment is very tightly regulated.  So the solution is an Ad-Hoc network using unlicensed digital repeaters in then unused part of the UHF TV assignments. Unlike shortwave and VHF, TV UHF waves seldom come back to the earth. They just go off into space.

Bear in mind we are talking about digital communication. not older Radio and Television signals. Digital communication can tolerate more  noise and in interference.So a network of low-[power repeaters could bring digital communication into remote areas where the cost of convention systems has been too high. Many of the arguments against the use of TV White Space weer give a few years ago when analog TV was the normal thi9ng is most parts of the USA. That has changed.

More about this later.