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How to remember Neil Armstrong.

As you know, The first man on the Moon has died. The media gave a brief coverage and then went on to the next news item.

Neil Armstrong we should remember by his life. Not by a single event. Yes, he was the first man on the Moon and he died on August 25. An also on that day there were anti-Nuke protests in Japan. How are these two events related?

Neil Armstrong believed that technology would benefit Mann kind. The mission to the Moon represented the possibility of a greater future for all. He advocated the development of safe Nuclear power, a dream that is not yet a reality.

In theory, at least, it should be possible for the right kind of Nuclear Power to provide for the population of the Earth for thousands of years one into the future  with no risk of radioactive contamination.

Would you like to know more about this theory? Let me know  and I will post links to the sites with the information about Safe Nuclear Power.