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The $35 computer taht does almost everything you need..

This is not really a new story. But it is not well advertised. At $35 the maker can not do much advertising.. Otherwise  the price of the Raspberry PI would be triple;e. So how is possible to make a real computer for under $35?

Well, to start with, it has to use a TV set for the display. And you have too add your own Keyboard and mouse. The power supply can be a small unit like the ones used for cell phones or tape  recorders. But the real key is the advancement in low-power high quality silicon chips.

If you want to learn more, here is an update about the  Raspberry Pi personal computer. The  price may now be lower.



Give eBay a try.

Arne you looking for something special for yourself of a family member?  Look at this:

A Fender Clasic

This is a Fender Classic Guitar. The current bid  is way under $1000 and there is as chance somebody will get it for that.  And no, it is not my auction, If I had, I would not sell it. Unless I was starving.

In My Opinion, eBay is still one of the top places to buy stuff on line. And yes, I have has some problems, but overall it works.