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More about Smart Phone Eyeglasses.

Here is More  about Smart Phone Eyeglasses mentione in an earlier post.

Hebe is a quote:

…AR is the new battleground for the world’s leading mobile hardware and software makers.  It notes that Microsoft now has a patent for AR glasses.  We don’t know much because Microsoft isn’t talking.  What we can say is that Microsoft, like Google and Apple, is thinking about AR eye wear.

 Smart  Phone or Eye Glasses ? 

AR is used in games to give the illusion that you are really in an artificial landscape.  But the same technology allows to y0u visit lour friends and see each other without the need for a smart phone, in your hand  It can all be on your head.

Any questions?


Why Facebook is Down.

They will fix it soon. By the time you read this, they will have it under control. I guess. By why or how could such a big thing go down?

Well, the y say the bigger the harder they fall. Such a popular website gets millions of requests every day. This puts a heavy load on the equipment, any glitch, however small, creates a bottleneck. But there is more to it that just that.

Here is an update:

Update: It’s back after approximately 15 minutes of outage. Even though a 15-minute outage seems minor, it becomes a very important issue when it affects big services, such as Facebook and Google.

When seeing how people react to those outages on Twitter, they forget instantly that the service was down and get back to what they used to do. Outages don’t hurt a company’s reputation if it happens every now and then — unlike during Twitter’s early days.

The is is DNS. The DNS protocol was created years ago and now is showing its weakness. For a longs time the internet used a 32 bit address know at IP version 4. It was replaced by the new IP version 6, but the deployment was not without issues.  Here is a quote from Facebook:

Earlier today we made a change to our DNS infrastructure and that change resulted in some people being temporarily unable to reach the site. We detected and resolved the issue quickly, and we are now back to 100 percent. We apologize for any inconvenience.

So we can expect some outages to happen again with even the big internet companies.  The internet is still growing and will keep having glitches. Still, the Internet the most amazing form  of human communication up to now.

Tthe Smart Frame. The Smart Fone becomes eye-wear.

Walther Apple or Samsung or somebody wail announce a Smart Phone in the frame of your eyeglasses., I don not know. Just conjecture.

I am doing this post using a voice recognition program. More about that later, but I have an exciting new idea about smartphones.

After doing a little research it occurs to me the next big device for electronic gadgets has to be what I would call the Smart Frame. Such a device is a type of eye-wear with thick frames containing all the electronics needed for cell phone Internet and video conferencing. In other words, a virtual PC using a virtual reality headset. You might’ve solve this in one of the last Laura Croft movies. She was sitting by the pool sunning herself and at the same time using her laptop. But instead of staring at the screen she was looking around at her environment, watching out for bad guys, while she could see the transparent image of what was going on on the screen of her laptop.

Google recently announced they are testing such a device for their virtual reality imaging. But the way I see it, the more important application is to turn it into a cell phone that looks like a pair of glasses with very thick frames.

All the technology already exists. It is just a matter of coming up with some real good prototypes and doing some mass-marketing.

If you want to see a video about the Google device, just to Google search on Google testing the VR glasses. I think the video was made in August of this year.

Google Tests VR eyewear.