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Windows 8 Pro on Sale. Only $40 less a penny.

Both in the USA and in Europe Windows 8 is now  selling for less the what you used to pay for Windows 7. How can they do that? Hard to say. Maybe MS has come up nwith away to reduce what it cost them nto sell at the retail level.

for more information, goto this nlink:

If you get it by digital download you pay only $40 less one penny.

Most new PCs and Laptops are cvominkg witn Windows 8,  so you need to upgradet if you want to keep up  with the rest of the world.

PS. No, they don’t pay me fro the free plug. Wish they did.

Why Lexmark left the cheap printer market.

This is news from last year. Yes, Lexmark quit  the low-cost printer maker. That made about 1700 people lose their jobs. But why did this happen?  Did Lexmark not make any money?

Apparently not enough money was earned. Other makers, HP, Cannon and Kodak were just too much competition. The experts say that the companies were giving away the printers in an effort to sell ink cartridges. Next other smaller companies stepped into the marker with refilled cartridges.

Still, Lexmark hopes ton remain in business.  But they have abandoned the low-cost consumer market for now.

Meanwhile, now is the best time to get a real bargain on a cheap personal printer.  But you may want to avoid Lexmark. Try Cannon, HP or Kodak instead. Even your local drugstore has them on sale.

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