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How a computer virus can hide in any electronic device.

At the e risk of being called paranoid, I want to tell everybody that a computer virus can hide almost anywhere . A computer virus is some kind of program that deliberately alters your computer to do something you did not want. Such programs often have distributive names to identify the mode of infection. Malware,   Root kit,   Trojan,  Virus or Worm, you don’t want them in your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.   Too many names to remember. Let’s just call it Malware.

Here are some places such evil programs may hide.Registry of the System.

  • Free apps you downloaded.
  • Hidden areas of a hard drive.
  • Driver for a  old printer or scanner. **
  • E-mail from a friend.

Prevention is much better that a cure. Before you add anything to your Desktop, laptop or tablet, check it for the possibility of some kind of Malware.

Warning: Some planes on the Internet offer ‘;free’ help and you wind up paying a lot of money to ‘fix’ a problem they create. Watch bout!

** Yes, if you get a printer river from a source other than OEM., you run the risk of getting some kind of malware.

Install Windows 8 without a Product Key

Yes you can. It is so simple, even a child can do it. Hard to believe? Read on.

Early in the installation process, windows 8 asks you for a product key, which sold be a list of codes in groups of 5 letters or numbers. Fro ecample, BK73X-RD9CXR-LL2323-KZWN-CVXWBK , might be such a code, but it is not,. Notice I made a mistake. Does that happen to you?

Microsoft,  the company that producers Windows, has made it easier for those of us  who are keyboard challenged. You can just skip the product key request and  fix the problem later.

Here is what you do. Leave the entire link blank. That tells the windows installer that you want to do it later and you need the computer working right now.

Next post I well tell you how to enter the product key or postpone it longer. After I learn how.