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Free Smart Phones Is a Good Idea.

The federal government is giving free smart phones to people who are on the low income. It’s a very good idea.

Previously I had been cynical about anything free from the government. But now my attitude has changed after experiencing some personal hard times myself.
I am now on a fixed income and am not able to work or drive a car and depend on other people to help me. Recently I got a free telephone from the federal government program. To my surprise, the program now includes unlimited talk, texting and data. Actually, there are some practical limits on what they call unlimited. In essence it means that you have a usable device that is always available for emergency use, but not always as fast and convenient as you like.
What has happened is that several major companies are creating subsidiaries to distribute the free phones. I can see the good sense in this. It means that there help desk for commercial customers is not going to beat tied up with the free customers needing help. So the free customers will have longer wait times on the support service, but they eventually do get some kind of help or assistance in using their new phone. These new phones also have limited Internet access so that individuals can find the online documentation and user guides.
But the smart phones the government gives out for free are not too great for video chatting. The limited bandwidth put so restraint on how much video chatting you can do with your friends. But you can still make emergency calls and you can check your e-mail and find important messages about social programs in your area.
I used to be very cynical about this. But now I see the light. When somebody is unemployed or has a serious medical problem, they have to have a phone. Even the call for help, you have to have a phone. And if you wish to look for work, you have to have a phone. And in some cases you can get a job interview over the phone. That’s handy for situations where you cannot get to the employers place of business within a reasonable time. People who are out of work often times to not have suitable transportation and cannot be driving around town doing interviews. So in that case having a free telephone that provides some limited service is a real help.
The general rule is that if you are already on some kind of social program, you qualified to get a free telephone from the federal government. What is being offered now are smart phones which include access to the Internet. The access to the Internet is vital in order for you to find job listings and to get e-mail response to your inquiries.
The Internet now is much more than just a entertainment and fun. It is a way of doing shopping, research and reporting to other people. In fact, if you are out on parole or probation, you may have to report to your parole officer through a telephone. Really, this is not a joke! You might be surprised how many people today who are on low income into getting busted by ambitious policeman. It is much easier for policeman to stop a drug addict than it is to arrest a bank robber. If you are on prescription medication for pain, there is a chance that you will fall into addiction. And in the next step is you get picked up for driving under the influence and you go to jail. It happens!
So, these are some of the reasons I think that the free federal phone program is a good idea to help improve the human condition at this point in time.

What About Apple and the FBI?

The FBI says they found a way to crack the iPhone.

Do you remember? The FBI wanted to get into the iPhone of dead criminal. Apple said, in effect,  that would endanger the living.  But the action against Apple was dropped.

So then, did the FBI really find a way to get into a iPhone? Or did they just say that to make themselves look good?

Here is a relevant link.
Apple and FBI timetable

That still does not say what they found on the iPhone.


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