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Super capacitors rake the sound barrier

A researcher said it was like breaking the sound barrier. He was describing a new breakthrough in super capacitor technology.

The new breakthrough   now places super capacitors well ahead of any other electrical storage system. Compared to conventional batteries used in cars and trucks, the new super capacitors are well beyond 10 times the power of the conventional battery systems used in automobiles today. And besides transportation, the new capacitors could be used in many types of electronic devices.
Imagine having a laptop computer that does not have a replaceable battery. You just plug it in and charge it up and use it and then charges again. Even after years of use, you would not have to replace the battery, because it’s not a battery. It is a super capacitor that outperforms even with him ion batteries pound for pound.
The details are rather hard to understand for us laymen. In fact, even engineers with quite a bit of experience will find it hard to believe these new super capacitors are so great. Possibility would be a city bus that is powered by a super capacitor and goes for several miles before needing a recharge. Not only would this be quite economical, but would also have an impact on the use of gasoline or diesel to power buses.
Just imagine living in a city for all transportation was electric. If successful, super capacitors could replace batteries in any kind of vehicle and deliver more power and more talk torque and have less weight. Someday we could be living in cities where there is no use of internal combustion engines for anything.
Of course, we’re not there yet. So far super capacitors are effective in laboratory situations and have been used in some commercial applications. But at the present time they are not ready to go mainstream.
To learn more about super capacitors and the recent advances that have been made, just do a search using your favorite browser and just enter one word: supercapacitors. Yes, they’re spelling it as a single word and get describes a single thing. The difference between a super capacitor and our regular capacitor are like night and day, they are not even comparable. Go ahead. Look up. It will blow your mind.