What about the new 5G technology?

Will it really be here as soon as they say?

Not very likely unless you live in certain areas.

AT&T and Verizon as well as other carriers are moving on to a new form of  technology that they call 5G. Basically, all it really means is that it is supposed to be better than the current 4G technology. However, most of the claims made are marketing efforts to interest people in upgrading their cell phones. The technology is not really as great as they pretended it to be. Already the cell phone technology has advanced quite a bit so that now more and more people can have access to cell phones and the quality and reliability is becoming better. Of course, it is not better for everybody. A number of customers are still having difficulty with their cell phones and coverage in their area. Hopefully, the new technology will make things better.sa.
Now then, let us back up just a little bit. When the 4G G technology came out be tacked onto it the letters LTE.

Th the intent was to suggest that the 4G technology would stick with this for a while and would progressively become better for everybody . Now if that is so, why do we need to move ahead to the new 5G technology. Will it stick around for a while or will be soon be telling us to go up to the next level?
Yes, I’m being very skeptical. But I do hope the new technology will make an improvement. Time will tell.

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