Why you need ZOOM, not Skype or Face time

Because new Zoom videoconferencing is far better than Skype or Facebook or most of the other videoconferencing applications out there.

This is about videoconferencing.

You’re probably already familiar with either face time or Skype and you probably are thinking about continued use of those time-tested programs. Think again.
Really, Zoom has been around for a while and is just getting better and better. First of all, you can get a free version you can use to test out the features and see if it’s worth your while. The your friends can sign in and hook into your account and share the video conference with a number of people at the same time.
What is nice about the paid version of Zoom is that only one person has to pay for the account. The moderator of the forum should be the one that pays the bill, which is about the same as what you would pay for Netflix or some other streaming service. The low price is very attractive for both business and personal users.
Like other videoconferencing services, you can either focus on the face of one individual or have thumbnails that show you the faces of several. Both all it wants. It will work on android and on your iPad as well as your desktop. Of course, you have to have an Internet connection or to work. Most smart phones now have some provision for a data plan so you can get Internet through your cell phone service. But for many people it’s more economical to have a non-Internet service provider that let you have a local Wi-Fi connection. Your local Wi-Fi connection to the Internet should be much cheaper than using your cell phone data for videoconferencing. Of course, you have to have an Internet plan which in some cases will be more expensive than your cell phone plan anyway.
Either way, zoom is a real good contender for your videoconferencing needs whether it be personal, business or for your club.

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