This is a bad time for bad jokes

They say that humor can help you with bad stress. But this is not the time for bad jokes.

This picture was done as an attempt at humor in the moment..

But it is not really funny. Absurd?  Yes, but in bad taste.

The contra virus has brought wold-wide fear among most countries of the world. People have become near hysterical due to the constant attention from the media. Yes, I mean the virus.

Now about the artwork abive. It is nothing to do with the current problem. It is not about goats and it is not about milk. No is it about straws. Still, many feel that out food, our farm animals and even plastic straws are somehow related to the fear and anger many now experience.

So now we have to stay inside and put up with the reality.  But is that so hard to do? Is it a good idea to think of anything funny? Yes, that does help. But be careful about telling it to other people.

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