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This is a bad time for bad jokes

They say that humor can help you with bad stress. But this is not the time for bad jokes.

This picture was done as an attempt at humor in the moment..

But it is not really funny. Absurd?  Yes, but in bad taste.

The contra virus has brought wold-wide fear among most countries of the world. People have become near hysterical due to the constant attention from the media. Yes, I mean the virus.

Now about the artwork abive. It is nothing to do with the current problem. It is not about goats and it is not about milk. No is it about straws. Still, many feel that out food, our farm animals and even plastic straws are somehow related to the fear and anger many now experience.

So now we have to stay inside and put up with the reality.  But is that so hard to do? Is it a good idea to think of anything funny? Yes, that does help. But be careful about telling it to other people.

Why you need ZOOM, not Skype or Face time

Because new Zoom videoconferencing is far better than Skype or Facebook or most of the other videoconferencing applications out there.

This is about videoconferencing.

You’re probably already familiar with either face time or Skype and you probably are thinking about continued use of those time-tested programs. Think again.
Really, Zoom has been around for a while and is just getting better and better. First of all, you can get a free version you can use to test out the features and see if it’s worth your while. The your friends can sign in and hook into your account and share the video conference with a number of people at the same time.
What is nice about the paid version of Zoom is that only one person has to pay for the account. The moderator of the forum should be the one that pays the bill, which is about the same as what you would pay for Netflix or some other streaming service. The low price is very attractive for both business and personal users.
Like other videoconferencing services, you can either focus on the face of one individual or have thumbnails that show you the faces of several. Both all it wants. It will work on android and on your iPad as well as your desktop. Of course, you have to have an Internet connection or to work. Most smart phones now have some provision for a data plan so you can get Internet through your cell phone service. But for many people it’s more economical to have a non-Internet service provider that let you have a local Wi-Fi connection. Your local Wi-Fi connection to the Internet should be much cheaper than using your cell phone data for videoconferencing. Of course, you have to have an Internet plan which in some cases will be more expensive than your cell phone plan anyway.
Either way, zoom is a real good contender for your videoconferencing needs whether it be personal, business or for your club.

Check out this article on USA today.

Tou will like it.


Google helps NASA finsd a planet far away .

These stories indicate taht AI was used to find a planet.

This helps ilusstrate the power of computerxs in sc i ence.

The planet mentioned is very far away and it is remarkable that a computer was able to fid it by working only with numbers, not actual photographs. Just numbers.

Google discovers new planet which proves Solar System is not unique

Google’s AI found an overlooked exoplanet…

NASA has discovered an eighth planet around a distant star, which means we’re no longer the largest solar system we know of. The discovery was made thanks to some artificial intelligence help from Google, which found the planet by scouring previously overlooked “weak” signals in data captured by the Kepler Space Telescope. The newly found planet is located in the solar system around Kepler-90, a star about 2,500 light-years away from Earth that was previously discovered in 2014.

 How can they find another solar system so far away?

Here is a artiscti redition of out system and the far away system. It is not a real phootographo, but is base on NASA data.

Why the Price of Gold will go Down.

Really? Do you believe in Gold?

Sooner or later Gold will drop in price. Slowly or quickly, it will fall. Do you know why?

Because  Gold is one of those things that has limited value. You can’t eat it. You can burn it for fuel.  Neither can you use it for clothing or shelter.  Well, you might build a barn out of gold, but it would not be any better than other materails.

What about being a good electrical conductor. The role is already taken by copper, which is widely used. Of course gold is much more resistant to oxidation. But a very thin layer of gold will make something rust proof. And other metals could be used instead.

So then, Why is gold prices\d so much higher that other metals? It is due the idea people have about its value. That think it is valuable and that makes it valuable. people think it is valuable.  When a large number of people start selling their gold for something needed, the price  will drop.

But what about the geld needed for electronics?  That need is very small compared to the amount of gold available.  Besides, other metals and alloys  can be used if needed.

Today, the greatest use of gold is in jewellery.  And even so the idea that it is beautiful and valuable is a product of out  imagination. There are metals that look as good and sell for a fraction of the price of gold.

Try this: Go to eBay and look for ‘fake gold jewelry’ and see lots of cheap snuff that looks good. The is not real need to own real gold jewelry.

When a large number of people start using practical thinking, the price will drop.

This kind of reasoning has been presented elsewhere. It it not real news at all. In time, it will happen. Gold will drop like a dead bird.

Meanwhile,  don’t listen to anyone telling you to buy gold. It is not a good idea at all.



What About Moor’s Law and Computer Chips?

In the electronics industry people sometime quote Moore’s law as if it was a solid principle of atomic physics.
Well it’s not really about atomic physics, rather it is about the growing rate of electronic chip technology.

Actually, all areas of technology are growing at a rate faster than what you might imagine. Certain parts of modern technology have not developed as fast as they should have for various reasons. One factor being the marketplace and the presence of large commercial interests who do not want radical change in technology.

Any kind of rapid sequential growth might be termed a form of exponential or geometric growth. This is similar to having a bank account where the interest you receive goes back into the account and added to the principal. Doing so, it’s possible to double your original investment within a number of years. Depending on the interest rate, you might double your investment in a period of about 15 years or so. Most people understand how that works.

Now what made Moore’s law so noteworthy is that he proposed the doubling would occur in just 18 months. Of course, that kind of growth does catch your attention and it tends to disrupt whatever technology already existed. Often times the idea is applied to lithography as used to produce computer chips. In this case lithography means a photographic process where a silicon wafer can be etched and exposed to different materials to build transistors on the basic silicon chip. This is a form of photography where an intense light shines through in negative image that is focused down to the silicon wafer. Thus it is possible to make transistors and interconnections that are extremely small.

Electronic logic does not require any specific size, at least at the moment. Even transistors made extremely small are still functional and perform logic. So the whole idea was traduce everything in size to reduce the costs and reduce power consumption.

A benefit from smaller feature size is higher-speed. So as to improve the yield from the silicon foundry, you also increase the speed of the chips and reduce the  cost.

Now then, why are some saying that Moore’s law is coming to its end? Well, there is a principle called diminishing returns. This is usually cited in economic articles. But the idea could apply to almost any area where there is rapid growth followed by a leveling off.

Another example is an oil well.  Somebody drills an l oil well and goes through a lot of effort to try to get the oil well to yield. Then one day the oil will starts improving its yield, more and more oil comes out faster and faster. It is on a geometric expansion. Sad to say, oil wells to eventually dry up and the period of expansion terminates and then the oil well produces less and less until eventually it is not profitable.

Now back to the subject of electronic chips and silicon foundries and lithography. There is a limit as to how small you can make an etching on a silicon chip using conventional photographic techniques. You get to a point where the light wave used must be extremely short and becomes difficult to focus. When you get to that point you start running out of tricks and techniques to make the etchings smaller and smaller.

So what about going to x-ray technology and the use of electron technology to make etchings? Well, it’s not really the same as optical light. Try to control and electron beam and focusing it into a small area and etch something on a silicon surface is not quite as easy as it is with photographic techniques. In fact, the electron voltages can be so high that they become destructive and that’s not really what you want. So it would seem that there is an up word limit as to how far you can go with electronic technology as far as making computer chips smaller and smaller.

Not necessarily so. There are other ways to make things smaller and smaller that have not been fully exploited. For one thing, there is the concept of building things in a three-dimensional array instead of using a two-dimensional surface to etch electronic circuits. True 3-D technology is not yet with this when it comes to making computer chips. But if some new breakthrough should come that makes it possible to build computer chips in three dimensions, then Moore’s law may continue.

So what is the actual limit of how small you can make a transistor ? Some researchers believe it’s possible to make an effective transistor gate down at the molecular level. Thus a transistor might actually be a few molecules tied together. As for me, that’s beyond my ability to comprehend. So I am not qualified to say that it’s impossible.

Anyhow, I don’t believe that Moore’s law has it come to its limit if you take a broader view of what it means. The broader view is it means we can keep on expanding our technology in the foreseeable future.

What do you think?

How the New 5G is much better than the old .

Those who understand it do agree that 5G Internet will be a lot better.

It is not just cell phones that will benefit. The 5 G will make the Internet really serve mankind well, if men  let it. Improvements in fast communication can bring  beater weather forecasting,  economic stability and health care for everyone.

Let me refer yu to an article recently published.

internet of things.


Here is a short quote:

Darrell M. West

Imagine a world where you can download an interactive 3-D video in a few seconds, a smart
home anticipates your needs, and autonomous vehicles take you to your destination safely.
This is the world of fifth-generation (5G) broadband technology. It promises speeds of more than 100 megabits per second,more data bandwidth, and fewer delays due to built-in computing intelligence that handles data very efficiently.
It is not just speed. It is about better use of our computers. Please read his article over.

Why the 5G cellphone Network matters.

It means more that just better cellphone coverage.

An global 5G infrastructure will bring incredible  new  economic, social and political changes in the humans condition.

The first thing they talk about is the speed of the new technology. In communications, speed is  what matters. It makes new goals possible.

Le’s make a very simple illustration with something you can see. A personal raft. Here is out raft.

It was rather limited. Just like the early cell phon system, the 2G, was rather limited.

So we go a fishing boat that looks like this:

Now we got to really catch some fish. It is like the 3G cellphone system.

After that, something much better  was needed. Here is our Yacht like the4G network.

Could it ever get better? Yes, we took a trip on a very large cruise  liner. Here is out ship. It is like the new 5G network.

Yes, the cruise liner is a really big ship with so many comforts and activities for everyone. It was so much better than  the private yacht.

In a like manner, the new proposed 5G global network will be like the huge ocean liner.  It will have something for everyone.

Next time I will post more information about what 5G could mean for you and many others.


Oroville Flood Alert Given.

This post has been deleted.

Lake Oroville Dam is in the News of the Week.

This post has been deleted.

The Methane Economy is Real.

Research news articles confirms that the methane economy is a reality. the good use of methane is reducing the cost of energy.

here’s a reference to a publication called Forbes. What they say is also supported in many authoritative articles published by others.

Study Confirms Methane Emissions Not Rising Under Natural Gas Economy

The prospects for significant reductions in greenhouse gases has received a major boost, as scientists report methane emissions from fossil fuels have not increased, even with a substantial increase in natural gas production. As compared to coal, natural gas cuts in half the carbon dioxide emissions that are the main focus of global warming advocates. Some advocates, however, have expressed fears that methane emissions from increasing natural gas production are negating the benefits of carbon dioxide reductions.

You can find more about this by searching the Internet for the words ‘Methane Economy’  and finding links like this:

That article says, in part:

OPEC irrelevance and marginalization

    • Stable energy prices.
    • Strong and resilient economy.
    • Improved trade balance picture.
    • Strong currency.
    • Clean energy production.
    • Cleaner air.
    • Uncontaminated water.

Think about it!