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This is a bad time for bad jokes

They say that humor can help you with bad stress. But this is not the time for bad jokes.

This picture was done as an attempt at humor in the moment..

But it is not really funny. Absurd?  Yes, but in bad taste.

The contra virus has brought wold-wide fear among most countries of the world. People have become near hysterical due to the constant attention from the media. Yes, I mean the virus.

Now about the artwork abive. It is nothing to do with the current problem. It is not about goats and it is not about milk. No is it about straws. Still, many feel that out food, our farm animals and even plastic straws are somehow related to the fear and anger many now experience.

So now we have to stay inside and put up with the reality.  But is that so hard to do? Is it a good idea to think of anything funny? Yes, that does help. But be careful about telling it to other people.

Why you need ZOOM, not Skype or Face time

Because new Zoom videoconferencing is far better than Skype or Facebook or most of the other videoconferencing applications out there.

This is about videoconferencing.

You’re probably already familiar with either face time or Skype and you probably are thinking about continued use of those time-tested programs. Think again.
Really, Zoom has been around for a while and is just getting better and better. First of all, you can get a free version you can use to test out the features and see if it’s worth your while. The your friends can sign in and hook into your account and share the video conference with a number of people at the same time.
What is nice about the paid version of Zoom is that only one person has to pay for the account. The moderator of the forum should be the one that pays the bill, which is about the same as what you would pay for Netflix or some other streaming service. The low price is very attractive for both business and personal users.
Like other videoconferencing services, you can either focus on the face of one individual or have thumbnails that show you the faces of several. Both all it wants. It will work on android and on your iPad as well as your desktop. Of course, you have to have an Internet connection or to work. Most smart phones now have some provision for a data plan so you can get Internet through your cell phone service. But for many people it’s more economical to have a non-Internet service provider that let you have a local Wi-Fi connection. Your local Wi-Fi connection to the Internet should be much cheaper than using your cell phone data for videoconferencing. Of course, you have to have an Internet plan which in some cases will be more expensive than your cell phone plan anyway.
Either way, zoom is a real good contender for your videoconferencing needs whether it be personal, business or for your club.

Check out this article on USA today.

Tou will like it.


Intel will not fix the flaw

There is yet another security flaw in chops made by Intel.

This bug can be used only if somebody has physical access to the computer.

So what can you do? Either lock up your computer or stop using it for anything. Really. This is not a joke.

At this point I would like to tell you a story to illustrate how serious this issue is. This is based on a true story that was related to me recently, but I’m not going to give the details about when and where and who.
A certain individual was bit by a spider and had to go to a hospital for treatment. Right about that time somebody stole her identity and she lost all the information that would prove who she was and things like that.
As you can imagine, this came at the worst time for this individual. No some people would think that bad things like that only happen to bad people. That is not so. Preferably good people that have very bad things happen to them at the worry worst time. Now the question is, how did somebody manage to steal her identity?

Here is my conjecture. Somebody either snuck into core house or her automobile and Stolte a personal computer. Perhaps it was a notebook computer or laptop. Either way, if it was a computer was an Intel chip it could have been compromised by a skilled hacker with an evil intent. So far there has been no publicized reports of any such things. But it could have happened and something like that probably will happen in the near future.
The number of notebooks and computers that have Intel chips is somewhere in the millions. The issue is not just one generation of chips made by Intel. It has to do with part of the chip called the firmware. This is the code that is started when powers turned on to the computer and it actually precedes the B IOS system. So there’s no way you could patch the B IOS or anything else. It is actually physically inside the chip itself and it becomes active as soon as power is applied. However, to take advantage of this flaw a hacker would have to actually be in front of the computer to introduce some type of malware that would exploit this flaw. Personally, I have no idea how it is done, but the researchers who reported this on Thursday have stated there is no such thing as a workaround that would prevent anybody from doing this if they had physical access to the computer. This means you have to have the computer in a locked room with bars on the windows. Most of us are not going to do that. I know I won’t, because I just don’t have any way of doing that. In fact, I have to leave a crack in one of my Windows so my Internet cable can go outside. You can imagine there are many people that are not able to physically lock up their computers or notebooks.
Can you see what I’m getting at? This means there’s a possibility of thousands or even millions of people having their private information taken from them and it would not be the fault of Google or Microsoft or any of those companies. The issue would lie entirely upon Intel, the maker of the CPU chips. It remains to be seen if Intel can and will do anything about it. My guess is they will do nothing and Intel will eventually lose their market share.
The above is based on information I have read recently and should be considered a personal post made by me on this personal website. I do not represent any organization.

Very odd WI-Fi problems found.

Any Wireless Device May Fail.

Dome of the reported failures are very strange.

Look at this:

Report of Doorbell Breaking Wireless.
Jun 25, 2004, 2:11 PM
Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless.

My wi-fi connection intermittently dropped to almost nothing. This
annoyance occurred seemingly randomly and infrequently. It did occur
enough to be irritating, so I checked around the house for things that
could cause this behavour. I dont have a microwave or a cordless phone
so I was stumped.

In the above, he found it was the wireless doorbell. How is that possible? Because the spectrum used by unlicensed devices is shared and not managed.  There is no enforceable law that says devices must not interfere with each other.

Almost anything that uses electricity might interfere with Wireless.

Worst Ever CPU Design Flaws.

Meltdown and Spectre: are  CPU bugs.

The report linked below says it does not matter what brand of computer you have.

Meltdown and Spectre.
The flaws, named Meltdown and Spectre, were discovered by security researchers at Google’s Project Zero in conjunction with academic and industry researchers from several countries. Combined they affect virtually every modern computer, including smartphones, tablets and PCs from all vendors and running almost any operating system.

Don’t worry. There is nothing your can do. So don‘t worry.

Three billion computer chips are vulnerable to a security flaw .

Most likely your Apple, Winmdows or Smartphone has a chip flaw.

Just now, this week, chip maker Intel released inmformation about major flws in the hardware itself. It is not a software issue.

This means that even if you use a new operationg system or even do a complete imnstall of your computer, tablet or smartphone, the flaws are still there. The flaws are in the chips inmside.

Here is one link:

Here is another:


Clicks on the limnks above for more details.

Microsoft is going to kill Windows 7 soon.

The Big Software Giant wants you to switch.

Windows 7 will soon drop out of normal support .

No more  bug  fixing. And in 2020 no security support. But Microsoft wants you  to quit before that. Right now, it is hard to get a legal copy of Windows 7. Major retail stores can not get any new copies.

On eBay, and some other places  you buy ‘leftover’ versions of Windows 7 product keys that might work. It seems that Microsoft does not stop such selling, but does not let the big stores do it. Well, that is what it looks like.

So how does that prevent people for confining to use Windows 7? Well,  many companies want to expand  a  successful business by getting new computers that will work like the old ones. But Windows 7 is not available. So they have to make use of a provision of Windows 10 that lets you  ‘roll back’ to Windows 7. Fine, but where do you get the Windows 7 to roil back?

Windows 7 download is available over the Internet. That is good. But each version of Windows 7 requires a certificate that proves it is authentic and bust have a product key.

Some users, maybe just a few, report they have trouble using a legal product key. Microsoft support gives very limited help.  Reportedly it is near impossible to talk to a real person and get everything right.

Here is a quote:

The general term is its “Lifecycle” and the details for Windows 7 can be found here. They could of course withdraw a particular version from sale at any time as it is currently “To be determined”.

In other words they can break any promises to continue helping people out with defects that are found in the software. If that happens, it might bring an early end to the widespread use of Windows 7 on home and office computers.

Really, you still can get Windoss7 on a new computer. Nut it is not always easy. There are some who claim they represent Microsoft and will tell  yum that you can not get Windows 7 unless you violate  the law. That is not the truth.   And those people do not officially represent Microsoft, but hey otherwise work for the company.

What do you think? I think the company wants employees to say that and them deny it has such a policy that would mike old copies of  W windows 7 unlawful.

Get Windows 7 at a very low price.

Is  Microsoft now letting some vendors  sell Windows 7 for a very low price?

We found this ad on, which is a search tool owned by Microsdft.

You can make the image larger and see the prices go way down for just the product key itself.

You can downloasd the ISO files of Windows  7 yourself in about an hour or two. If you don’t pay yourself a salary, it is free. The product key is needed to properly activet Widdows 7.

Heer is a link to the site taht offers the bargain product key.

I have not tried this, but the fact taht it is advertised on a search tool under Microsft control would suggest that Microsft aloows thisto happen.
But the Winjdows 7 doe NOT let you have a free Windows 10. That train has left the station long ago.

Windows 10 Update makes computers crash.

It can happen to you. Windows 10 Update can lock up your personal computer.

You need to have a backup plan if you use automatic updates. Microsft is now using customers computers to test things that have not been fully tested in the laboratory.

Yes, it is true. Microsft, the company that created Windows, is no letting home users test out new features taht have the potential to lock up you computer. If this happens to you, you hve to restore your system from a backup you had made earlier.

It is a good idea to mkadea backup at least once a week.  And  backup your dailt work to a remote storage thing. Wither a clound service or a portable device lyu have.

What can you do to stop this from happening? AFor one, hyou can turn off the auto-update feature in Windows 10.

Just now I found pthis:

Interestingly, there is a simple option in Wi-Fi settings, which if enabled, stops your Windows 10 computer from downloading automatic updates. To do that, search for Change Wi-Fi settings in Start Menu or Cortana. Click Advanced Options, and enable the toggle below Set as metered connection.Aug 14, 2015
Source for above:
Of course, eventually you will want to insll the updates, but only after you have made backups and set restore options on you system. Truning off the updates gives you time to do your work and gfinish your backups.

A New Silicon Surprise – AMD and INTEL together!

INTEL and AMD  are rivals. Not anymore.

Hard to believe.But They both have said they have a new product that will impact how we use personal computers for entertainment.

For the first time ever, soon you can get a personal computer that has the beet Intel CPU  and the best AMD graphics. Really? How?

Earlier this year the California based chip maker did  announce cw some new research into how chips can communicate without the need for motherboard wires.  It is a method of interconnect via he silicon substrate.

Think of a woman gibing birth to twins. The might be identical. Or not. That is sort of like the new silicon design troll Intel has invented.  For the first time two silicon chips that are not identical can be created on the samde silicon base material. And the work independently, yet can transfer data via the silicon base material.

OK.  That is just too simple. But you get the idea. Intel says that the two  different chips can be down with different trace size. The chips are separate, but are created at the same time and on the same base materiel. They have the ability to transfer data directly without the need for external wires.

If this is true, speed will increase and price will go down. Sometime next year expect to see some kind of home computer that is really fast with action games and can run high definition without an jerks or delays.

Here is a picture from Intel.

On the left are the chips needed to connect the main processor to the graphics interface often found on high speed gaming computers. On the right is the new design from Intel and AMD.

Small size can mean better results. You can expect  Better speed, lower cost. Potentially it could make it possible to build a tablet PC with the speed needed for action games and movies.

How to enlarge the image above.

Put  the mouse  over image. Right click, then select the ‘view image’ item. The will make the image go full screen.